Concord Creek Trick-or-Treat!

Get excited Concordians


Our annual Concord Creek trick-or-treat will be on Saturday 10/26 from 5-7 pm.  Mequon’s designated trick-or-treat is on Sunday 10/27 from 4-7.  Please feel free to hand out candy on both evenings if you would like to.  Many like the “neighborhood feel” of having our own designated evening!  
To keep it simple, we will mimic how it has been done in years past….  

  • Candy:  Feel free to hand out candy or to leave your candy on your porch if you would like to walk around with your kids!  
  • Adult Beverages:  Feel free to have adult beverages on hand for the hard-working adult trick-or-treaters or leave them on your porch if you wish to walk around!  
  • Participators/Non-participators:  If you want to participate, make sure that your porch light is on.  It is more than fine to opt out of participating.  To indicate that you do not wish to participate, please make sure that your porch light is off.  

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying to just me (want to be mindful to not flood people’s, already full, inboxes with more emails)!  If there are families that are new to the hood and, as a result, may not be on this email, please forward this to them! This is always a really fun evening!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!  

The Melissas (Gehl & Irwin)