Updates from Scott – 7.6.16

This is east of the river, but as always be award, and watch out for each other

From Andrew Nerbun, Common Council Alderman

Important message from Chief of Police, Steve Graff! Please forward to as many people as you can. Lock your cars, stay alert and don’t be a victim. If you see/hear anything suspicious please do not hesitate to call Mequon PD. Let’s catch these hooligans.


Over the evenings of 07/03/16 and 07/04/16 the Mequon Police Department received numerous complaints of entries into unlocked vehicles. We have taken 16 reports (past experience tells us that many more have occurred and have gone unreported) in various subdivisions located in the area between the Milwaukee River And Port Washington Rd. The entries have occurred in the late evening and early morning hours, 11:00PM to 3AM. The area of entries is beginning to spread and will grow to many more areas of the City if they are not caught.

Taken were cash, computers, golf equipment, loaded firearms, and other items of value. In one case, a BMW was stolen which had the keys left in the vehicle. In all of these cases there has been no forced entry.

It is important that people lock their vehicles and remember to not leave items of value in the cars in plain sight (or at all). It is very important that people call the police when they hear or see anything out of the ordinary. In many of these reported incidents people have seen and heard people and have heard car doors being opened and closed. They have also heard other noises that would alert them to the fact that people are outside (dogs barking, talking, etc…) and have failed to call the police.

The individuals responsible for these entries are going to continue until they are caught. They have been successful over the last two evenings and we anticipate they will be back. If you have constituents on an email list, please forward this information and encourage them to call the police to report suspicious activity and secure their vehicles/items.

Steve Graff
Police Chief
Mequon Police Department
Thanks to Kim Miller for finding this and sending it on !


On the subdivision beatification we are back to making progress. Last week as many of you noticed Acme bored into the 12” water main pipe instead of under the road, and to the other side. Jim Voigt at the city did a great job repairing this quickly and luckily had a purchased a potable fire hose (i.e. acceptable quality for drinking water). I mailed Jim thanks on behalf of all of us.

Progress will continue on the irrigation and all work should be completed on Friday. Bayside will also be starting to plant flowers. You also may be noticing the weeds getting picked out, and the trees up front being trimmed, and mulched. This was badly needed up front, as the bushes shrubs and trees had all become overgrown into each other, and there were many bare dirt spots, other than the places the weeds had taken over.

Many thanks to Melissa Irwin, and John and Becky Sileno for their effort on this entire project. Make sure you thank them, and let them know how nice it looks up front as things progress.