Update from Scott – 5.3.16


This Thursday at 5:30pm, there is a meeting at the Irwin Residence about Waste Pickup (and focused on Recycles specifically)
Bill Lewis the Operations Director for AD will be coming out to meet with homeowners.

11509 N Concord


You will all be receiving your Subdivision dues bill next week. $975 received by June 30. Checks made out to Concord Creek Homeowner Association.

You can mail your check to
PO Box 21
Mequon, WI 53092

or our treasurer Roger has also agreed to collect if you want to come knock on his door. If you do want to drop off in person at Rogers, make sure to give it in person.
I would hate for a check taped to his front door to get lost.
Roger is at 7239 W Oakview

Jim will send you a confirmation email once he receives your check. Could be up to a week delay on postal mailed ones, as we check the PO Box about once a week.


For our water service at the entrance – The city was looking at charging us connection fees for the water hookup (which would have been about $5k of unplanned expense).
After several conversations with the city, they agreed to wave our connection fees, and also I got them to wave our sewer charges, because the water is only going to be used
for irrigation. The back and forth with the city put us back a couple weeks, but the plumbing permits should be going in this week, and digging and water connection should
start within 2 weeks. Irrigation will start shortly after service is completed, and then onto the visible items – i.e. the plants.
Will keep everyone posted on the happy news as well 🙂