Updates from Scott – Road Sealing – 8.5.16


Just an update on the sealing.
We are in Door Co, so can not see or speak to the contractor myself.
If the contractor on site gives you new or different information I would go with that – as it is probably more current and correct from what I know.

I did talk to the city a couple times this am, and they talked to the supervisor at Farnham (sealing contractor).

Here is what I know – The put a strip around the outside of the circle, not sure which side they did up the court.

They are planning to do our subdivision in 1 day instead of two. They will be doing an am spray, and a pm spray. The idea is the am side will be dry enough for you to park on around lunch, and then they will spray the opposite side.
They have it written in their contact they must provide access for homeowners, and cannot block off the subdivision.

If you have your car parked on the road – make sure you move it to the opposite side around the middle of the day.

I believe the note said it takes 2-3 hours to dry, and is ok to drive on once it feel dry to the touch.

Here is the main city contact I have been reaching out to

Tim Weyker
Engineering Technician
City of Mequon
W: (262) 236-2932
M: (262) 617-0689

Thanks for your patience,